Studies On Short-Range Air Pollution Modeling

A dissertation submitted to the

presented by Peter Jan de Haan

accepted on the recommendation of
Prof Dr A. Ohmura, examiner - Dr M. W. Rotach, co-examiner - Prof Dr S. R. Hanna, co-examiner

March 15, 1999
DOI 10.3929/ethz-a-002056771

Complete doctoral thesis in one PDF file: PDF from ETH Library E-Collection PDF from this server

The PhD can also be downloaded as Acrobat PDF files (one file per chapter):
Abstract (English)
Zusammenfassung (German abstract)
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: A Novel Approach to Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling: the Puff-Particle Model (PPM)
Chapter 3: The Treatment of Relative Dispersion Within a Combined Puff-Particle Model (PPM)
Chapter 4: On the Use of Density Kernels for Concentration Estimations Within Particle and Puff Dispersion Models
Chapter 5: Prediction of Higher Moments of Near-Source Concentration by Simulating the Meandering of Pollutant Puffs
Chapter 6: Extension of an Operational Short-Range Dispersion Model for Applications in an Urban Environment
Chapter 7: Modification of an Operational Dispersion Model for Urban Applications
Curriculum Vitae

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